Our Story

In 1995, we were wrapping up significant business turnarounds at our respective employers – the organizations were back on their feet and thriving and we were each ready for a fresh set of challenges. Building on our business turnaround successes, and knowing how much we enjoyed working together as a team, we created Nonprofit Finance Pros, with the intention of strengthening organizations that were in financial transition or crisis.

Our first consulting project was to help a nearly insolvent nonprofit close its doors. Once we took a closer look, however, we knew the organization could be turned around, as long as the staff and board were willing to do the hard work it would require. They were, and today, the organization is thriving, providing a much-needed service to the clients in their community.

We were hooked! The turnaround and transition business grew from there and our team became known for their professionalism and dedication to the clients we served. The end of each consulting project was always the same – locating and hiring highly qualified, best-fit financial professionals from Directors of Finance to CFOs, honing the search process along the way.

Since then, we’ve focused our efforts on

  • Providing customized financial management consulting and coaching solutions with an emphasis on strengthening long-term financial sustainability,
  • Helping organizations have crucial conversations and take the difficult actions necessary to survive a financial crisis,
  • Recruiting experienced, knowledgeable financial professionals, and
  • Filling interim CFO vacancies to keep our clients’ financial operations running smoothly during times of crisis or change.

By doing so, our goal is to maximize the positive impact of the mission-driven, high-performance organizations we serve. How can we help you?