Career & Interview Coaching

You are a nonprofit or association professional ready for your next career move. You have excellent experience, education and credentials and your co-workers and former supervisors can’t say enough great things about the caliber of your work and the impact you’ve made, but you can’t seem to get your foot in the door of the organizations you are targeting. Even if you do, you don’t make it past the initial interview, or sometimes even worse, you make it through the interview process only to be told that another candidate got the job.

What steps must you take now to improve your chances of getting the job offer you want and reduce your job search frustration?

  • First, target the right jobs for your skill set. Don’t waste your time and energy on jobs that aren’t the best fit.
  • Mobilize your network in helping you identify potential jobs. You never know who can help you make the next right connection.
  • Articulate and communicate the unique skills, knowledge and experience you bring to a potential position in a way that WOWs potential employers – in your cover letter, your resume and in every interview with the hiring organization – without sounding like you are bragging. Often, what our clients see in themselves as ordinary (as in – can’t everyone do this?) are their most valuable gifts.
  • Project confidence and professionalism throughout the search process.

It sounds simple, but it isn’t always easy. Working with an objective and supportive partner in the job search process can mean the difference between wanting a job and getting the job you want.

The Nonprofit Finance Pros coaching team has coached hundreds of association and nonprofit professionals seeking new positions. Each member of our team is a credentialed coach with real-world experience in the not-for-profit sector. In addition, because of our work helping nonprofits hire CFOs, we’ve got the inside track on what nonprofit organizations are looking for in today’s candidates.

From identifying the best positions for your skill set to mobilizing your network and from mock interviews to full-day interview intensives*, our team can help you make an impression that lasts, the impression that says, “we’re missing out if we don’t hire this person right now.”

* Interview intensives are for individuals preparing for a final interview.

Nonprofit Finance Pros does not offer coaching or interview intensives for any candidates active in an open search.


“We clarified several areas that needed attention and solidified a series of goals. It was helpful to have both Pam and Marci’s input on how to move forward in my job search and career goals. The amount of information received during a fairly brief period and the feedback given certainly exceeded my expectations. I went into the process with limited expectations and emerged feeling it was time well spent. The feedback and personal attention was appreciated.”

B. Duncan, Career Coaching Client