Selection Offer & Onboarding

In the Selection, Offer and On-boarding stage, we help you gracefully wrap up the search process and get your new CFO on board and up to speed as quickly as possible. It’s time to make an offer aligned with the candidate’s value and your budget, communicate respectfully with the candidates you didn’t choose and think about the on-boarding process. We stay in touch with both your and the candidate – we don’t rest until we know that the transition is 100% successful for you and your candidate.

  1. Selection: When you’ve finished your interview process, we’re available to answer any questions and provide support to help you make your final decision.
  2. Offer negotiation: We will assist with the candidate offer package, ensuring that the offer is aligned with the candidate’s value, the market and the organization’s budget.
  3. On-Boarding: It’s critical for your new financial partner to get off to a great start – and for you to roll out the welcome mat. We help you plan for the first few weeks so that your new hire has the tools, resources and relationships they need to be as successful as possible!
  4. Support beyond the search: We stay in touch with both you and the candidate through the first year of employment to ensure a smooth transition. Nonprofit Finance Pros can also provide transition coaching to the newly hired candidate to accelerate success in the first 90 days.
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