Sourcing & Screening Services

Nonprofit Finance Pros’ Sourcing and Screening services are designed to save you time and reduce the risks inherent in hiring a new CFO. You keep doing what you do best while we find great candidates and move them through a rigorous screening process, including in-depth interviews, a customized assessment and reference checks. When it’s time to make an informed, thoughtful decision about which candidates you most want to interview, you jump back in.


  • Sourcing: Using the information gathered during the search planning phase, our agreed-upon sourcing strategies and our extensive network, our team immediately begins research to build a pool of qualified, best-fit candidates.
  • In-depth screening: Our in-depth screening process using criteria established in the initial assessment saves you valuable time because you only look at best-fit, highly qualified candidates.
  • Candidate assessment: Our proprietary assessment process takes the guesswork out of hiring a new CFO and allows you to evaluate the way a candidate analyzes and responds to real world situations they might encounter in your organization.
  • Reference checks: We reduce the risk of hiring a new CFO by conducting formal and informal reference checks, verifying the candidate’s employment history, credentials and education and reviewing all publicly available data about the candidate.
  • Candidate summary: We provide a comprehensive, easy-to-read written summary that helps you evaluate each candidate and make an informed, thoughtful decision.
  • Final Interviews: You take the lead here while we provide support to ensure that you are prepared and ready to make the most of your candidate interviews. We can assist with everything from coordinating schedules to providing interview questions and participating in the interview process.
  • Regular communication and updates: We treat you and the candidate with respect by providing frequent updates throughout the search process.

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